Strategic Projects
Is The Difference

Focusing on Value Creation for Every Project


Why Is SP The Difference?

A building project is often meant to support a higher order organizational objective such as a business operation, entertainment, life style, worship and so forth. The objective is achieved only when the project life cycle is properly managed and this includes project conception, planning, design, construction, occupancy and facility management. The common problem is that most architects often get involved in the design phase which is the middle of the project life cycle and as a result, the opportunity to translate and integrate key elements of organizational objectives into the building process is not fully realized.

The Difference: Strategic Projects believes in getting involved early at the planning phase to translate key organizational objectives into the building program and project plan to facilitate a successful project outcome. In addition to getting involved earlier, we leverage the following differentiators in our services:

  • Our vertically integrated services enable early robust project coordination, value engineering and reduces downstream project delays
  • We leverage our people’s diverse project experience to ensure the best and appropriate risk management for each project
  • Client Focused Process Customization- Our platform allows us to customize processes to best fit the owners needs and reporting
  • We provide secure cloud-based data storage with audit trail as well as offline redundant storage to ensure against client data loss
  • Our Building Information Modeling & Project Management Technology enhances productivity, efficiency
  • Exceptional Customer Service- our leadership is always accessible

The Difference

Customer Needs

Building lasting relationships.

Strategic Thinking

Asking the right questions.

Integrated Teams

Value creation capabilities.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working for some of the best clients.

Our clients range from individual investors to private organizations and government agencies. Our typical client is interested in value creation. We believe value is created when there are tangible market-recognized results from decisions made. So we always seek to understand our clients’ objectives in order to devise the best possible solutions to the underlying problems because our Clients deserve it.