Strategic Projects
Leadership Team

Our People and Capability Makes The Difference


To get significant results you need the right cultural foundation.

Strategic Projects’ culture consists of 4 pillars that include Integrated Teaming, Superior Customer Service, Continuous Improvement and Accountability.

Integrated Teaming

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team is an integrated team of professionals to include real estate planners, strategists, architects, interior designers, engineers, estimators, and project managers. Our professionals are governed by values of trust, respect and commitment to our shared mission of creating value for real estate clients. SP integrated teaming provides the advantage of bridging industry disciplines resulting in increased ability to create value for our clients.

Customer Service

We are committed to superior customer service regardless of the service type needed by our clients. Through recognition of this distinctive service, our customers have often rewarded us with repeat business. We approach our problem-solving by listening, identify problems, providing feedback, and upon client’s approval, solving the agreed-upon problem. We like to follow-up with all our customers after our work is completed to ensure they remain satisfied.


Our leadership style is a hybrid of “modeling the way” and “challenging the process” as we believe in leading by example while being open to innovation.

Continuous Improvement

Our open door policy and commitment to continuous improvement allows all leaders, employees, and associates to contribute to the quality of our service & our work environment.


Our Board of Directors consists of select company representatives and distinguished non-equity holding board members. The goal of our board is to create a layer of accountability for our leadership and to get objective feedback necessary for the growth of our organization. Here is our current board listing:

Mothusi P. Phometsi, MBA, AIA – Principal
Elizabeth Kemph, LEED AP, AIA – Associate Principal