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The focus of this service is to assist customers in making well-informed decisions in the real estate investment space.

Project Selection

Suppose you have some limited capital which you would like to invest in real estate for a good return, how do you know which income-earning project type will give you the best return? For the real estate investor, economics are integral to making a go or no-go decision in project selection.
The SP Team has proven knowledge and experience in conducting economic decision analysis to inform a real estate strategy. We use principles of economic engineering along with market, regulatory and environmental risk analysis to advice and help safe guard our client’s interests.

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

There is nothing more frustrating than acquiring a new property that seemed viable prior to closing only to discover that more capital outlay is required to bring your new building to current construction codes in order to conform to a change use requirement. While some of these challenges may require interiors upgrades to meet change-use requirements, others may be environmental issues that may require costly remediation. Yet more, other challenges could be regulatory restrictions of future expansion or land use restrictions that are contrary to your future plans or desires as a prospective Owner. The more common hardships often surface when a new certificate of occupancy is sought at the building department. These types of requirements are often missed by well meaning real estate agents, closing attorneys and closing inspectors since these consultants are not trained to make certain evaluations that may impact your future plans. The SP Team offers to help evaluate your prospective property for code related matters that could impact desired investment objectives and future occupancy.

Economic Development Planning

Real estate and infrastructure has great impact in influencing economic development of neighborhoods, cities and nations. It is also known that planning has a pivotal role in economic development because markets, left to their own devices, cannot provide a coordinated development plan. Thus, communities and nations must map out strategies for improving their economic well-being. Strategic Projects will assist you in performing economic impact studies to assess the potential economic impact of your desired development. Our offering will assist you in performing an analysis on how to utilize community resources in order to enhance economic opportunities, while improving social conditions in a sustainable way.