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Does SP have a fee for preliminary consultation?
We do not charge for preliminary consultation as long as such meeting is held at our office or is via telecommunication. If prospective client has no drawings showing existing conditions, a site visit may be necessary for us to understand and be accustomed to existing conditions before we provide advice on work scope. In those circumstances we will only bill the client for transportation and accommodations costs if the work is out of state. For work that is within 50 mile driving radius from our office, we do not usually charge a fee for a pre-liminary site visit.
Is SP going to tell me what to do if I know exactly what I want?
SP will never dictate to any Client as to what they must do except for meeting regulatory requirements. If you as a client know the service and scope related to your project, we will provide you with that service to meet your exact scope needs, the buck stops with you the client.
Is Strategic Projects licensed in my State?
Our professionals are licensed in many states and can also do work in specific countries outside the United States, contact our office directly for specific information relating to your geographical location.
We do not know where to start; can you help us find out what we need to do?
We will be glad to assist you with all the information you need about your work regardless of how far away it is. It is never too early to plan, in fact it is best to plan ahead of time as some planning may just entail proper booking keeping especially if you need financing for your project down the road.
Does Strategic Projects have any capability related to economic development research?
Yes, please see information provided in the Solutions section of our site.