When it comes to faith-based organizations, real estate can be a strategy for realizing an organizations’ long term vision.

Buildings attract the masses especially when they are planned and designed as landmarks in the communities they serve but there is more that goes into successful planning places of worship. It all starts with the end in mind, a vision. Results cannot be achieved without a vision. However, a vision can mean a lot of things and that is why it is crucial to have a free discovery consultation with SP to understand your vision and how it can unfold.

A clear vision should take real estate into consideration and help develop a road map for development. This road map includes capital budgeting, resource planning, sponsored capital campaign, book keeping and more. These steps do not only create commitment and credibility necessary to secure loans with financial institutions, but are an unmistakable guide towards a successful project. SP is well equipped with the right knowledge and qualified professionals to provide required guidance in this regard.

Besides financial planning, other important considerations for a successful project at SP include:

• Criteria for site selection
• Master planning to include consideration for expansion
• Value engineering
• Operational performance strategy
• Energy and environmental performance strategy
• Cost recovery measures
• Project delivery and procurement strategy
• Earned value management
• Systems commissioning and maintenance training

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